Machine maintenance

From preventive to intelligent, predictive maintenance through digital Networking of machines and plants.


Downtimes due to machine failures can be avoided by intelligent planning. Why is preventive maintenance so valuable?

With reactive maintenance, machines and systems are only repaired if technical problems occur or some parts are damaged. This results in machine breakdowns combined with high costs.

In order to minimize downtime, manufacturing companies need to stock numerous spare parts to be able to react quickly.  This causes high warehouse costs and ties up valuable capital.

Preventive maintenance includes maintenance work and replacement of components after a defined time or a specific maintenance interval.

These intervals are determined in advance, so that the frequency is on a higher level. Of course, this means more staff and higher costs for new spare parts.

Since the lifespan of spare parts is not maxed out, companies may spend unnecessarily money.

The intelligent solution

Predictive maintenance means the digital networking of machines and systems, valuable information can be saved. With the help of various computer programs, the data can be analysed afterwards whenever needed. This intelligent evaluation allows, beside other things, to precisely calculate the inspection time or maintenance interval.


The result of intelligent determination is a precise forecast of maintenance and inspection dates.