Machine repair


We support you in case of machine failures - efficiently, quickly and reliable.

A machine breakdown can have many reasons: a short period of inattention, maintenance that is not carried out regularly or a technical defect can cause production to come to a standstill. In order to avoid the costs of long downtimes, short response times as well as a quick implementation of a machine repair are essential.

For several years, we have not only been experts for the heart of your machine tool, but also work as a full-service provider in the manufacturer-independent repair area. We overhaul and repair 2-axis lathes, over 3-axis to 5-axis milling machines, up to multi-axis turning-milling centers of different manufacturers.

Our service technicians have decades of experience in the field of CNC-machine repair and are familiar with a wide variety of defects in the areas of electronics and mechanics.

Why a machine repair at RUN-TEC?

We at RUN-TEC have made it our business to offer our customers an all-inclusive service. From the smallest spare part exchange to the comprehensive repair of your machine tool, we offer everything from one source. The advantages here are short response times, simple communication channels and fair conditions. And because we are convinced of our RUN-TEC quality, we give a 12-month warranty* on all our repairs.

As a RUN-TEC customer, you don't have to worry about anything: from locating the problem, to coordinating the ordering of spare parts with the arrival of the technician, to the repair and commissioning - our service department can take care of all this for you. If the service visit is planned, one of our machine experts will be directly on site for you with the appropriate spare parts as well as extensive testing and measuring equipment.

Of course, you can also select only part service: You already know the fault of your machine, you know which spare parts you need? Great, then our spare parts service is the right choice.

How does a machine tool repair at RUN-TEC work?

You have decided on a service call from RUN-TEC. What happens next?

If the source of the fault is still unknown, our machine expert will first carry out a detailed fault analysis and check your machine tool completely. Once the fault has been identified, direct repair can be carried out if necessary, as our service trucks are equipped with a full range of equipment.

If spare parts are defective or irreparable, we will be happy to procure them from our internal warehouse or use our network. We will then plan a prompt repair appointment for you and a specialized service technician will take over the repair.

Our on-site services

  • Failure analysis and damage diagnosis
  • Machine measurement
  • Geometry check
  • Spindle inspection / analysis
  • Spindle disassembly
  • Spindle repair
  • Spindle installation
  • Kinematics adjustment
  • Alignment tool changer
  • Alignment tool changer
  • Repair of CNC controls
  • Replacement of wear parts with original spare parts
  • Set-up

Fast Response

Benefit from our service and reduce downtime costs and non-productive time.