Turning and milling


In the field of spindle repair, it is often necessary to manufacture components exactly according to their requirements.

To save valuable repair time, we manufacture on site in our own halls. In our CNC machining department we can produce components according to our high requirements in terms of accuracy, manufacturing tolerances and quality control.

In the area of our turning and milling machining, we rely on innovative CNC technologies. CNC machining and our CAM workstations allow us to process and manufacture even highly complex parts. Even the smallest changes to workpieces can be made without much effort. We save valuable time by avoiding frequent reclamping due to multi-sided machining. Computer-controlled machining not only makes us fast, but also ensures the highest precision and quality.

Insight into our machinery

  • DMG-MORI CTX 800 Beta TC, 6 side machining by turning & milling
  • Fehlmann 3 - axis milling machine
  • Böhringer VDF 260


With our own turning and milling machining, we save valuable repair time and your spindle is ready for use faster.