Replacement spindle


In case of spindle failure, we are your fast and reliable partner. Benefit from our replacement spindle service.

Machine breakdowns in production cause high costs. Therefore, you do not have the necessary time to wait for a repair of your tool spindle?

If available in our exchange spindle warehouse, you will receive an exchange spindle on site within 24-72 hours.


When is an exchange spindle the right decision?

Many customers are faced with the decision "repair or exchange spindle?". Our answer is always, it depends on the conditions. We will be pleased to advise you individual on the most suitable solution.

Basically, an exchange spindle is a good choice for customers with high production pressure. Depending on the damage, a repair can take several days to weeks. If you do not have this time, an exchange spindle is a good choice. Even for customers who are not under high production pressure, an exchange spindle is recommended in special cases. If a tool spindle is so badly damaged that a repair would cost almost the same or even exceed that of an exchange spindle, an exchange is a good alternative. With an exchange spindle from RUN-TEC, you also save up to 40 percent compared to the purchase of a new spindle.

In our modern high-bay warehouse we have various turning, grinding and milling spindles from different manufacturers. We can offer a very high availability of all DMG MORI exchange spindles. Our exchange spindles are stored in a professional way and are checked every half year. In order to guarantee our RUN-TEC quality, every tool spindle is checked in detail before it leaves the factory and comes with a twelve-month warranty.


How does a spindle exchange work?

You have decided on an exchange spindle, what is the next step? If you want, our service technicians do the assembly and disassembly for you. The advantage of spindle replacement is that it only takes one service appointment to get the machine tool ready for production again. This is because the repair process always involves two appointments (installation and removal).

In the case of a spindle exchange, removal and installation can take place directly one after the other. With our service truck, the technician can take the exchange spindle directly to the installation day and install it professional. Your damaged spindle will be shipped by our service technician and repaired and stored in our company as our property. If possible, the spindle exchange can be booked as an express service. It is also possible that you order the suitable exchange spindle from us and we will send it to you by shipping service provider to the desired delivery address.


No more machine downtime

Our guarantee: exchange spindle on site within 24-72 hours depending on availability.

Available exchange spindles

You can find all of our immediately available exchange spindles in our shop - or request a specific one you need!