Spindle Shaft Revision

Spindle Shaft Revision

It doesn't always have to be new, but it likes to be like new. This is our mission in the field of spindle shaft revision.

While we replace used parts with new spare parts in the repair process and manufacture new assemblies in our CNC production, we also offer the option of remanufacturing existing spindle shafts so that they resemble a new one. This is not only sustainable, but also cost-saving.


In order to guarantee our quality in this area, both laser welding and grinding operations are carried out in our own facilities. With many years of experience in combination with the most precise measuring techniques, we assess and measure, among other things:

  • Runout accuracies
  • Control surface ends
  • Flat surfaces
  • runout accuracies and overhangs
  • Bearing contact surfaces
  • Shaft inner contours
up to the µ-range and give your shaft back the necessary precision.

When it should be like new again

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of shaft reconditioning.
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