Spindle repair


Whether it's a bearing replacement, the overhaul of the clamping system or a complete repair of your tool spindle - with us you get your individual offer.

For several years we have been experts in the manufacturer-independent repair of grinding, milling and turning spindles.

We have decades of expertise in the field of spindle repair and therefore know all the reasons for spindle failures: from voltage problems to measuring system errors to defective motor cooling. Through many years of experience, we know the specifics of a wide variety of types and can therefore identify and solve a wide variety of problems very quickly and reliable.

The combination of experience and expertise, high-quality and precise equipment, as well as partnerships with the most renowned manufacturers in the industry, allows us to give our RUN-TEC quality promise.

Why a spindle repair at RUN-TEC?

The root of our vision is based on the very high standards of product and service quality in our industry, as well as the desire to provide our customers with an all-inclusive service offering. Our goal has always been to be able to represent all process steps of spindle repair in our company, because this is how we are able to guarantee our quality. Today, we are very proud to have achieved this goal.

For you as a customer, this means that you benefit from bundled expertise from a single source: you not only save time and money, but also receive transparency at all levels. No price markups due to multiple companies in the supply chain, shorter waiting times, short communication channels and the fastest availability.

How does a spindle repair at RUN-TEC work?

You have decided on a spindle repair at RUN-TEC. What will be the next step? If you wish, you can have a RUN-TEC service technician remove your grinding, milling or turning spindle from your machine tool on site. With one of our service trucks your spindle will be delivered directly to our warehouse. Optional you can remove your spindle by yourself and ship it to us. Once we receive your tool spindle, it is logged into our app-based data system and sets off for specific disassembly and reporting. We create a detailed failure report on the damage pattern of your CNC spindle, this includes comprehensive documentation of all measurement results as well as image material.

After agreement and approval from your side, our technicians start with the repair process. All components are measured and cleaned. In parallel, our production receives the production orders via our app-based data system. This is followed by the production and processing of all components as well as the picking of the required spare parts from our warehouse. After the end of production, all components pass through our quality control before they are released for assembly.

Once all assemblies and spare parts have been inspected in the usual RUN-TEC quality, spindle mounting begins. Here, too, all work steps are recorded via app, herewith we guarantee our quality through various monitoring mechanisms within the entire repair process. Since every work step and every measurement in our program is logged up to the µ - range, deviations can be identified directly as such.

Afterwards, your grinding, milling or turning spindle goes through the final testing process. After the pre-testing and all relevant measurements, it is given to the test bench. Our test bench manager starts the test run and monitors the entire process, all results are precisely documented. After a successful test run, the final testing of your spindle is carried out by one of our specialized technicians.

Finally, your tool spindle is ready for shipment. We always send it with the corresponding protocols and a personal ID card, on which you can see all measurement results and pictures. If desired, the installation and setting into operation will be done by a RUN-TEC service technician or we will ship your CNC spindle to the preferred delivery address.

On Site Service

If time is most relevant and the technical requirements are given, we offer you to repair your spindle on site.

Process of your spindle in our company

Goods receipt

Entry into digital data system

Visual inspection

Transfer to disassembly



Complete disassembly of the spindle unit

Cleaning and measurement



Production and spare parts procurement


Quality control and measurements



Mounting of the whole spindle unit

Pre-acceptance and measurement of mechanics


Test Bench

Pre-assembly electrics

Test run

Final electric assembly


Acceptance process

Final assembly and inspection of all measurements



Completion of all protocols

Preparing the spindle ID card

Packing and shipping

What does our on-site spindle service include?

Spindle damage can be noticed in many different ways, and the reasons for this can be just as complex. Would you like to have your spindle - or the entire machine tool - checked? Then our on-site service is the right decision.

In addition to the inspection, we will be happy to provide you with extensive advice on installation and removal as well as handling, and give you valuable tips on what you should pay attention to during the service life.

Our on-site services include the following:

  • Installation and removal
  • Inspection of the bearing condition
  • Vibration analysis with following fine balancing
  • Check of the runout
  • Check of the clamping system
  • Leakage test of clamping system
  • Kinematics setting
  • Start-up

If it's has to be done really fast and the conditions are right, we can offer you an express repair. Request express repair now.

We are digitizing the spindle repair

With the goal of being able to ensure our highest possible product quality, we at RUN-TEC were on the search for innovative solutions in the area of process optimization. No software on the market is designed to meet the individual needs of the spindle repair industry. Different departments and countless specific work steps result in diverse requirements in the area of process instruction and demand quite a few monitoring mechanisms.

Who knows the requirements of the product grinding, turning or milling spindle better than we, who daily demount and mount the most different types of various manufacturers? According to our motto "we offer everything from one hand", we at RUN-TEC decided to develop our own app and to modify it to our special requirements. After a short planning phase and research, we purchased TULIP from DMG MORI: a software that allows us to develop our own apps in an uncomplicated way.

In close cooperation between our IT department and various colleagues from the departments of disassembly and assembly, production, shipping, inspection and testing, extensive planning, analysis and evaluation tools have been created, which we now use to control our entire company. We can map everything from order management and materials intake to the recording and checking of individual measurements in the repair process. In the meantime, our production halls are equipped with monitor workstations and each employee has a personal tablet with which he can operate the apps required for his workplace.

What are the benefits of digitization?

  • Saving of valuable repair time due to faster processes
  • Possibility of exact tracking of the project status
  • Digital and detailed spindle report with all measurement results
  • High-quality image material
  • Cost transparency
  • Seamless control mechanisms for the highest quality standard

On Site Service

Save time and profit from our various on-site services.

We overhaul various types and manufacturers i.e.:

  • Franz Kessler
  • Weiss
  • Makino
  • Matsuura
  • GMN
  • TOS
  • Mecof
  • Anayak
  • MTE
  • Fanuc
  • Hurco
  • Starrag
  • Brother
  • Kao Ming
  • Harding
  • AXA
  • Bridgeport
  • Chiron
  • DMG Mori
  • Datron
  • Baumüller
  • Desoutter
  • Diebold
  • Sauter
  • Duplomatic
  • EMAG
  • Gamfior
  • Hedelius
  • Heller
  • HSD
  • Omlat
  • Hitachi Seiki
  • Yasda
  • Hugo Reckerth
  • IMT
  • Laguna
  • MAG
  • Mazak
  • Neo Precision
  • Portatec
  • Royal
  • Haas
  • SHW
  • Siemens
  • Spinder
  • Spinner
  • Step-Tec
  • Star
  • Toyoda
  • YCM
  • Homag
  • Altzmetall
  • Cells-Tec
  • CMZ
  • Breton
  • Doosan
  • Fortuna
  • Kondia
  • MT-Rent
  • SKF
  • SMZ
  • SNK
  • Weisser
  • etc.


  • Mecof
  • SHW
  • Waldrich Coburg
  • Anayak
  • Nicolás Correa
  • TOS
  • Sempuco
  • Forest Line
  • MTE
  • Sorlauce
  • Hypatia
  • Pama